Keto Halloween Cookies recipe
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Keto Halloween Cookies

Halloween is a tricky, sneaky little bastard. It comes around every year so quickly, I can’t seem to follow. Trick or treat? I’ll go for the latter! Anyhow, the truth is, I’ve had no time to come up with an entirely fresh treat. So I am giving out the recipe […]

Keto pumpkin cheesecake recipe
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Keto-Friendly Pumpkin Cheesecake

Happy new year 😉 I see autumn as a great opportunity for new beginnings. Not only because it reminds me of going back to school; It is a time when the heat goes away, and temperatures are that much nicer for being more active. Especially after the second half of […]

fresh eggs on egg fast
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Egg fast: How fresh are those eggs?

Egg fasting or not, if you’ve been living a ketogenic or any low-carb lifestyle, chances are you consume eggs on a regular basis. Where do you tend to buy those eggs? Do you care if they are range-free or not? In this post, I will not go into the subject […]

Keto matcha and coconut cake recipe
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Keto Coconut Matcha Cake

Matcha, matcha, matcha … I have decided this one be the last matcha recipe for a while probably. Reason being that I have noticed I’ve made so (too?) many recipes that include matcha green tea powder. At the same time, the matcha recipes do not seem to be in the […]

low carb black forest cake recipe
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Majestic low-carb Black Forest cake

I have noticed that to a certain amount of people making a multi-layered cake is somehow overwhelming. They end up just liking a cake and moving on, never attempting to make one. Baking this cake is nothing to hold your breath for. Yes, it does take a bit of time […]

keto and epilepsy
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Epilepsy and ketogenic diet

Did you know that we can “thank” epilepsy for the emergence of the ketogenic diet? While a majority of you is probably practicing the diet for weight loss or general health improvement, epileptic patients use it to significantly ease their everyday life, making it as seizure-free as possible. Epilepsy As […]

Sugar free low carb frozen yogurt recipe
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Sugar-free frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt boring? Not today! This is coming from my own experience: Every time I ever happened to try frozen yogurt instead of simply going for the good ol’ ice cream, I ended up at least sort of disappointed. Especially back in the days when the “frozen yogurt” thought seemed healthier […]

low carb keto microwave
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Keto from a microwave

So you’ve been living a healthy low carb lifestyle … What about that microwaved lunch? If you happen not to own a microwave, you are most probably in the minority. It is undeniable that this aid is about as convenient in the kitchen as is an underground train network in […]

Keto frozen matcha cake recipe
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Keto friendly frozen matcha cake

Keto summer Keto-friendly frozen matcha cake has emerged because we love cakes, because we mainly eat keto, and because we are hot. These are just the main reasons behind the recipe. But matcha is not there solely to enhance the looks with greenish color. In the summertime, I love to […]

keto avocado mousse
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Lift me up avocado

Refreshing and energizing “Lift me up” is a phrase I’ve borrowed from tiramisu. Because of tiramisu in Italian meaning “lift-me-up.” It wouldn’t be fair if coffee in combination with cookies and mascarpone had the exclusive rights for being yummy, energizing, and uplifting! That is why I present a vegan and […]

keto strawberry cream
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Who is strawberry’s best friend?

Whipped cream is the answer Heavy whipping cream itself is not a person to make real friends with, obviously. Still, the cream, especially when whipped, becomes an entity that, in my opinion, brings berries to life. Especially strawberries. It gives them a higher dimension, takes their soul and makes it available for […]